Two Handed Sword Animset | UE4



This is a set of 129 motion capture animations for character with Two Handed Sword.
In package you can find many animations - walking, sword attacks, death, additives, hit reactions and finishers! They are made on Epic Skeleton.

Animations List is here.

Animations are good for the Player but also can be used for creating uncommon enemies! Package contain simple weapons with textures - sword and hammer.

The animations are baked on a Template Unreal Engine 4 skeleton but you can easy retarget it inside UE4 by following this tutorial:

Animation Retargeting

This package contains Motionbuilder 2013 FBX source file with all animations and an Unreal Engine project with imported and configured animations in 2 versions - with Root motion and in-place. The package does not include a Character controller. Character inside fbx is characterized.